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DFW Porchlight Properties is a real estate investment company based in the North DFW area. We’re a family owned and operated business that loves North Texas. Unlike some of the large companies, we don’t operate all over the country. We’re focused on the DFW metroplex because this is our home. We understand that homeowners can sometimes experience hardships, and we’re here to help.

We have been involved in various aspects of the home construction industry for over 20 years. We know the importance of good customer service and keeping your word. When you work with us, you can trust that we’ll do our best to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

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We believe in honesty and integrity. If we make you an offer, we won’t change it when we’re about to close. And we don’t add extra fees or commissions at the last minute. When we give you an offer, that’s the cash we’ll deliver to you upon closing.

We know you have a choice when selling your house. Please make sure that you feel comfortable with whoever you’re dealing with, because not everyone operates with integrity. You may get an offer that much higher than our offer, but after you go through the process and are ready to close, the offer may suddenly change. At that point, you might be out of time and feel forced to accept the lower offer. We won’t do that to you because that’s just not how we operate.

We have to make a fair profit, that’s why we’re in this business. But we refuse to make a profit by taking advantage of you. Our offer is based on how much time and money it will cost for us to fix up and/or renovate your house, and then sell it at market value. The difference between that and how much we pay you is our profit, plain and simple.

If you have the money to fix up the house, the experience to get it done right, and the time it takes to do all that and then go through the traditional selling process, then you should do that. You’ll make roughly the same amount of money for yourself. However, if you don’t have the money, experience and time, that’s where we can help.

The Owner

David has a wide variety of experience in home construction and related industries. He got his start in the construction industry by framing homes during the summer while in high school. He later worked in new home construction for 8 years, and was involved in building and selling homes. He worked for over 10 years as an insurance adjuster, giving him a different perspective and understanding of home repairs. He still holds his insurance adjuster license.

Since 2015, David has also owned and operated a general contracting company, where he has focused on the residential roofing industry. His extensive experience has taught him the importance of good customer service and treating home owners with honesty and integrity. He believes in doing top quality work and keeping his word.

What Others Say

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David and team were very helpful and responsive throughout… Thanks to the entire team for making this process easy!!

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– I. Newman

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Great team to work with. Very punctual in returning all calls and answering any and all questions…Would absolutely recommend to anyone in the DFW area!!

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Meg A

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We would recommend them to everyone for a hassle free transaction, wonderful customer service and excellent work.

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